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Beginner’s Android project

Objective: I’ll explain I made an Android app that does more than just print Hello World! You will be able to save a list of movies that you have watched Store your ratings along with IMDB/metacritic ratings Get a graphical … Continue reading

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Paragliding in Virar

Legend: Wiki=Kiwi=Vamsi Path=Vishnu nom=eat I found out about paragliding courses in Virar during monsoons last year but didn’t give it much thought until last month I met Pinkesh on last month’s Lohgar trek who told me about his experiences with … Continue reading

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P90X – Day #1

P90X caught my eye sometime around July 2010 It is a 90 day strength and fitness programme fronted by Tony Horton The goal: In an attempt to avoid the bulky, non-flexible bodybuilder look, Horton focused more on exercise routines to … Continue reading

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Planning a vacation to China

I like traveling to new places and I am not the kind to say, “It’s toooo faaar, it’s tooo hottttt, it’s tooo coldddd” Though I am guilty of cribbing “I have nooo companyyyy, boohooo” By new places, I don’t mean … Continue reading

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Foodhunter stalks Bangalore

During my last visit to Bangalore, I had time for a few meals but no idea where to begin, Burrp came to the rescue as usual I was staying at NGV, Kormangla and was happy to find the city’s top … Continue reading

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Bangalore Adventure Race

I guess I’m pretty lucky to have had an entertaining start to the new year to fuel this blog I found out about BAR while idling around BikesZone and thought it was pretty interesting. It is a one day adventure … Continue reading

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Hello world!

The new year brings new resolves This is my attempt at blogging, you should expect to feel hungry, happy, sad, confused and enraged while going through the various upcoming articles Hello World in many programming languages The coolest being BrainfuckLanguage

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