Planning a vacation to China

I like traveling to new places and I am not the kind to say, “It’s toooo faaar, it’s tooo hottttt, it’s tooo coldddd”
Though I am guilty of cribbing “I have nooo companyyyy, boohooo”

By new places, I don’t mean places with nothing new to offer except a name
A recent example would be the Yatra package to the Andamans
The package planned to spend 5 days at Port Blair and 2 days at Havelock Island…BAD BAD MOVE
But that is a story for another post (coming soon)

Thanks to a heads-up on TE forums, I found out super-cheap promo tickets by Air Asia here – Super cheap tickets
Round trip to china for well under 10k! OMG!
Normal Mumbai-China tickets lighten the wallet by 35k-40k one-way
This chance was too good to give up but my only crib point was in the way…”I Needed Company”

So the status was:

  • The promo was available for one week
  • Travel dates would be anytime in Oct or Nov
  • Ticket cost would be 10-20k depending on trip size
  • Trip cost would be around 40k
  • Find atleast one person to come along
  • Convince that person that China would be a better opportunity than the Usual Thailand/Malaysia vacation

Repeated shout outs on FB, TE, #animestan got some response but no confirmations
Everyone refuted that they could not commit to something that far in the future…
WTF, the whole point of planning a vacation far in the future is to make sure nothing clashes with it!

8:30 PM

With only a few hours left for the deadline, I made a last attempt on FB and #animestan
FB had no responses…FB sucks
Naresh immediately confirmed he was in…Woohoo
Path confirmed in 10 minutes…double Woohoo…the Goa trio is back
Now everyone in the channel was full of josh, Verilog and Iwikiwi pondered while I planned itineraries and costs
Final cost came out to around 18k after which Veri, Wiki and one of Naresh’s friends confirmed

9:15 PM

Dates were preponed by 2 weeks because an International Trade Fair at Guangzhou was inflating hotel prices by upto 400%
Naresh mentioned that we had only around 15 minutes before deadline
Turns out timezone calculation gave us till 9:30PM instead of midnight!
Few frantic attempts to hurry everyone along didn’t work…everyone was busy acting like girls deciding which seat number would go with their T-shirt color…meh
I ordered my set of tickets ASAP…unfortunately others were not as quick and they ended up paying about 4-5k more

11:00 PM

Whew, everyone is done with their bookings except Naresh…who doesn’t have a CC nowdays?!
I go scrounge the fridge for dinner and find a bowl of poha leftover from that morning…atleast better than Maggi and KFC


The China trip is on :D

Tour plan is as follows:

  • 2 Oct – Fly or train to Bangalore and reach there by noon, take flight to Kuala Lumpur in the evening
  • 3 Oct – Land in KL at 12:10 AM and catch flight for Guangzhou at 5.30 AM
  • 8 Oct (apprx) – Take overnight train to Guilin
  • 16 Oct – Flight from Guilin to KL and land around 4PM, kill time till next afternoon
  • 17 Oct – Fly back to Bangalore and get connecting to Mumbai
  • 18 Oct – OfficNo I don’t want to think about it

    The gang

  • Me
  • Path
  • Naresh
  • Verilog
  • Iwikiwi
  • Manu

    Info about targets

Guilin – Tourist central :Wikipedia, Wikitravel, To See
Guangzhou – 3rd largest City: Wikipedia, Wikitravel

If Guangzhou turns out to be just like any other big city, we could squeeze in another place to visit in the itinerary

To do

  • Renew passport
  • Get visa to China and Malaysia…Malaysia does not have visa on arrival for India anymore :(
  • Details on Guangzhou to Guilin train
  • Accommodation
  • WOot


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3 Responses to Planning a vacation to China

  1. Neha says:

    Sugoi! ^^ or should I say “zhēn niú!” :P ok not SAY say it coz I have NO idea how to pronounce that :T

  2. m rawat says:

    i guess ……khana shdnt be a problum there !!!

  3. iwikiwi says:

    Hey, is BlindWatch joining us too?

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