Foodhunter stalks Bangalore

During my last visit to Bangalore, I had time for a few meals but no idea where to begin, Burrp came to the rescue as usual

I was staying at NGV, Kormangla and was happy to find the city’s top rated restaurant a 10 minute auto ride away

Neha and me reached P!ng Restaurant at 3:00PM, about half hour before end of the afternoon shift and found it empty
It hosts an Asian centric menu like Chinese, Thai, Indonasian, Oriental
Seating is good, there is a typical indoor section, and an outdoor/covered roof seating area
According to the menu, their specialty are Dimsum’s and wine
We had a vegetarian dimsum platter which offers 6 pairs, 3 types steamed and 3 fried

Dimsum's at P!ng

This was followed by a main course of noodles and some gravy dish, don’t remember which ones now, but it was good

I would rate it a 8/10, probably because I didn’t get to try their non-veg choices (GRRR vegetarians)


It’s Sunday afternoon and I needed lunch to replenish yesterday;s lost calories
Since I had to return the bike at Malleshwaram and I had to visit Blossom’s at Church Street, this gave us a perfect opportunity to check out the second best restaurant rated on Burrp

We reached The Egg Factory around 2:00PM
It’s a small place with about ten tables but does not feel cramped
This place would be an Eggatarian’s delight
There were simple dishes, for eggsample, a dozen versions of omlettes
Then eggxotic dishes like Eggs Florentine

The egg stuffed Pesto pasta met my high eggpectations with it’s eggsquisite creamy sauce

I wish I had ordered the Pasta :S

My Frittata was bit of a let down, felt more like a big omelette

I would rate this place a 9.5/10 for breakfast’s and 8.5/10 for lunch/dinner


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4 Responses to Foodhunter stalks Bangalore

  1. m rawat says:

    i would never eat these dishes..instead keep them as decoration pieces like mummies
    look so very beautiful

  2. Neha says:

    Haan it’s ALWAYS because of the veggies! :| :P

    I liked the steamed dimsums… not such a big fan of fried things though :T

  3. Julie says:

    hmmm interesting. What was all in the egg stuffed pesto pasta? I am a huge fan of pesto

  4. justforhash says:

    oo.. the first few chiese dishes look sooo drool.. dim sum more than any i have seen here. lucky gourmet meal

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